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About Us

Picture of parentsChiq Shoes has been in business since 1990. My parents came to the USA from Mexico with the “American Dream”. Juan and Cristela started their business selling a few boxes of shoes that would provide enough money to put food on the table. They continue to work hard to create a better life for their 3 daughters. With perseverance and dedication, they grew their little business and bought a place to call home. Family is everything to them and they worked even harder to put their kids through school and ensure a better life and opportunities than the ones they had growing up. They started selling their shoes at various swap meets. One of their favorite parts of operating the business was interacting with clients and providing the best customer service. My parents believe fashion and style are important, but should not be excessively expensive or uncomfortable. They raised us with an eye for fashion, but instilled in us the importance of being down to earth and humble. Our parents taught us the value of a dollar and how important customer service is.
2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, and many small businesses that rely on local communities and swap meets for sales have not been able to stay afloat. My parents are old school not tech savvy, so I'm helping them start this website to make sure they can keep the business they know and love alive. They have done so much for all 3 of us and this was one small way I figured I can pitch in and show my gratitude for everything they have done for us.
Chiq Shoes is here to provide fun, comfortable, and affordable shoes so that you can look stunning at the office, at Sunday brunch with the girlfriends, or traveling the world. No matter where you go, put your mark on the world, and don't lose sight of the things that really matter.
Forward together,
Chiq Shoes